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Posted Sun at 14:21
Because we are opening soon *hint hint*, I will be accepting a few more staff applications. All staff members will have a rank on the website designat...

We are back on track!

R3G3N3 MOD posted Mar 31, 14
We have come along ways, and even though we have had our trials and success, it is all thanks to you guys! We just got a panel back up, and so we are bringing servers up again, we already have skyblock, and now working on more. :D  We will be up shortly all thanks to you! If you want to apply for staff do so now while we are looking for new representatives for TheColony, and don't forget to donate now for a extra perk when we get back up. :D (Message me if you want donation info)
tangmaster1 MOD I just applied for staff and can't wait for the server to get on!!! <3


josh_smith206 DIRECTOR posted Mar 6, 14
It has been long time coming, but it is coming to the end of development before the release.  Skyblock is nearing release along with the server lobby!! 

We are proud to show off the new skyblock spawn!!!
Skyblock spawn

To see full resolution image visit:
NaturalGamer DIRECTORCOLONIZER Thanks for the possitive comments, glad you guys like it ...
arbiter73 MOD Yep, the best way to prevent lag is skyblock ^_^.
tangmaster1 MOD that looks awesome!

Past Network Donations

Posted Feb 14, 14
If you have previously donated to McSkyNET (Minecraft Sky Network) or Skyblock SMP for lifetime (or a donation that has not yet expired) and you would...
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